Kettle Grills

Pure joy of life, taste and creativity when grilling - thanks to the perfect heat distribution you get an evenly grilled food. Dry meat was yesterday, because with our system the juice is preserved. Whether grilling, cooking or baking, our kettle grills are ideal for everything. The innovative funnel system offers the standard position for indirect grilling and the volcano position for using accessories.


Our 480 grills provide great grilling pleasure and are perfect for use on the balcony or terrace. The 48cm kettle offers enough space for a small family.


Even in the big city nobody has to miss out on our innovative funnel system - our 420 grills are perfect for the smallest of spaces. 2-3 persons can be served with them. Thanks to their small shape, these grills are also very flexible and mobile.

Cowboy Grills

The cowboy grills are the classics among the gas grills. Thanks to their rectangular shape, they offer plenty of space in the underframe for a second gas bottle, for example. The parallel burners offer an incomparable grilling experience.


One grill, two grill zones and hundreds of possibilities for delicious barbecue recipes - the innovative Dual Gourmet System combines two temperature zones in one grill. This makes the Dualchef unique in the cowboy grill category.


The Australia line stands for original grilling. The gas grill classics convince by robustness and grilling fun from the first minute. The grills underframe offer enough space for up to 8kg gas bottles.