Lugano 570 G


Clean lines and a high-quality glass panel with illuminated control dials and stainless steel shelves are just a few of the features that give this grill the appearance of a modern designer kitchen.

The LUGANO 570 G is the result of Swiss innovation and the first product of its kind to combine the advantages of the proven OUTDOORCHEF gas kettle with a powerful steakhouse burner and an additional side cooking plate. Its modern design makes the Lugano 570 G an eye-catching highlight on any terrace.

The heart of the grill is the unique funnel system in the gas kettle, which guarantees even heat distribution and protects the food to be grilled from harmful flare-ups, since the burners are completely protected. Some of the fat and meat juice that lands on the funnel evaporates and gives the food that typically intense barbecue flavour. The double ring burner system in the kettle (2 ring burners) allows slow cooking at low temperatures as well as grilling, cooking and baking at high temperatures of up to 360 degrees.

Full power for flash-grilled meat is available right next door on the steakhouse burner. With direct heat from below and high temperatures you can cook perfectly seared steaks. The steakhouse burner is ideal for quickly adding a nice crust and intense roasted aromas to the meat, before finishing it gently in the kettle.

This unique outdoor kitchen is complemented by an additional side cooking plate, which is perfect for conjuring up crispy vegetable side dishes, fried onions for your burgers or delicious sauces for a roast.

Additional features include an ingenious storage concept with a soft-close door system and plenty of storage space as well as our clever SAFETY LIGHT SYSTEM.